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Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury – The Making of a Marvellous Mind

Amberley Publishing £15.99

Publication date 18th January 2023

Charles Darwin was one of the most influential
scientific thinkers of his age and his ideas
continue to inform our understanding of the
natural world. Darwin was born and went to
school in Shrewsbury and the town was the
home of his family until he moved away as a
young man. The story of Shrewsbury’s Darwin
is of a youthful, energetic and outdoor-loving
figure with a natural curiosity, intrigued by
the world he saw around him who evolved
into the ideal candidate for naturalist
on HMS Beagle.
In Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury the reader
is taken through Darwin’s early history, his
great adventure as naturalist on HMS Beagle
and finally to the realisation of his big idea.
Alongside this the author takes the reader on a
guided tour around the town, highlighting the
landmarks associated with Darwin. The book
places Darwin’s early years in the context of
the town and the wider landscape, providing a
fresh insight into the naturalist’s personal and
intellectual development. It is both a pocket
biography and a town guide, a companion for
pilgrims to the town and a fascinating insight
into the making of a marvellous mind.

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