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I’m delighted to have been asked to take delegates around Darwin’s Home Town in September during the 22nd European Congress of Herpetology. The event is being hosted by the University of Wolverhampton.

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Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury – The Making of a Marvellous Mind

Amberley Publishing £15.99 £14.39

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‘The story we have been waiting for’

‘Darwin may have transformed the way we understand the natural world but Jon King tells the story so beautifully and is so easy to understand.’

Charles Darwin was one of the most influential
scientific thinkers of his age and his ideas
continue to inform our understanding of the
natural world. Darwin was born and went to
school in Shrewsbury and the town was the
home of his family until he moved away as a
young man. The story of Shrewsbury’s Darwin
is of a youthful, energetic and outdoor-loving
figure with a natural curiosity, intrigued by
the world he saw around him who evolved
into the ideal candidate for naturalist
on HMS Beagle.

The Darwin Walk

In 2003 I devised a walk around the town of Shrewsbury taking in all the key sites related to his early years. As we walk, the story of Darwin’s transformation from a curious schoolboy to a world-class scientist unfolds. I was recently asked by Shrewsbury School (Darwin’s alma mata) to contribute to a series of videos aimed particularly at Yr5-9 students with the aim to develop an interest in the life and work of Charles Darwin.  The video below recreates many of the key stages on the walk and includes a look inside Darwin’s birthplace, The Mount. Owing to time constraints, the full story of Darwin’s selection as Naturalist on the Beagle voyage was ommited but you can read the full, exciting account in my book. The Darwin Walk on the 12th February has SOLD OUT but I’d love you join me for the Birthday Toast at 12 noon (bring your own tipple). Shrewsbury has an excellent team of Town Guides who offer walks on a range of topics covering the town’s incredible history. You can plan your visit on the Original Shrewsbury web site.


A former broadcaster on BBC Local Radio, I have many years experience as a public speaker and contributor to TV and Radio. My talk on Darwin’s early years has been described as ‘inspiring’ and ‘entertaining’. The talk is fully illustrated with historic images as well as photographs I have taken of the key locations linked to Darwin’s early development. Use the form below to contact me.

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